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Wills, Trusts and Probate

Planning for your future is essential and requires addressing important questions, such as:

  • Wills, Trusts and Probate JVL LawWho will care for you—and how—when you can no longer care for yourself?

  • Who will take care of your children who are minors in the event you die?

  • How will your property be handled after you are gone?

  • How can you avoid probate—or use it strategically?

You want to know with assurance that your affairs are in order—and protected. From wills to advanced directives and powers of attorney, John will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled according to your specifications. He will also help you structure your estate to minimize estate taxes.

Take charge of your legacy by planning ahead for your needs and those of your successors. John will help you navigate all aspects of estate planning, and probate and trust settlement, including wills, guardianship, advanced directives and powers of attorney.

Business Formation

Are you starting a business? Avoid costly mistakes by getting the right advice—first. From selecting the right entity type to writing the documents and contracts, John knows how to protect your interests and position your business to succeed.

Business Formation Services - JVL LawFrom business planning to entity formation and contract drafting/review, John is fully equipped to address every aspect of your new enterprise.

In addition to his professional expertise and experience running a legal practice since 1968, John also runs an agriculturally related operation, which gives him personal, hands-on business experience. This allows him to offer you advice on the most advantageous path to follow in order to:

  • Establish your business correctly

  • Maximize your financial and business prospects

  • Protect you against individual liability

Commercial and Real Estate Transactions

Minimize your risk and maximize your gain by having the right agreements in place. John can help you negotiate and structure contracts to shield you from unnecessary risk and avoid future legal issues.

Commercial and Real Estate Transactions - JVL LawCommercial and real estate transactions present exciting opportunities—and potential liabilities. At every stage—whether buying, selling, merging or dissolving—you need sound legal advice and solid representation.

Structuring transactions properly is critical to any successful business venture. With his extensive knowledge, John can help you:

  • Negotiate and structure contracts, buy/sell agreements and contract disputes

  • Minimize your commercial risk

  • Protect your interests

  • Avoid future legal issues

  • Maximize your financial gain

You can count on John’s

  • John Vierthaler Law - Littleton, CODedication to understanding your unique situation

  • Wealth of experience

  • Extensive knowledge

  • Commitment to the highest standards of integrity

  • Keen insight into guiding you toward the most strategic solutions

Based in Littleton, the practice offers great value along with easy accessibility and free parking. Committed to meeting your needs, John will make home visits, when necessary. If you have physical disabilities/limitations, John will arrange to meet you at a location of your choosing.

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