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image of legal padStart ups must decide how to structure a company and during the planning process, business owners are in constant need of sound legal advice. Our experience helps business owners make informed decisions at these critical junctures.

Another consideration during business formation is Intellectual Property (IP) protection. The following article describes the economics of intellectual property.

World Intellectual Property Organization

Article: The Economics of IP

Intellectual property (IP) protection has emerged as an important component of national economic policies.  Governments face choices on how to design an IP system that best serves their policy objectives.  They also need to respond to changes in technology and in business models that may challenge the status quo.   WIPO seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the economic effects of different IP policy choices and to offer a first entry point for anyone seeking information on the economics of IP.

The economics webpage features information about the World IP Report, economics seminar series and publications, as well as information regarding relevant meetings and events.

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